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Dani Mathers _ Playboys Girl Next Door

So after completing our interview with SA Playboy Playmate Jade Fairbrother, Playboys Californian ‘ Girl Next Door ‘ Dani Mathers caught our eye.Dani’s no stranger to the limelight having already been featured in both Playboy and Maxim magazine respectfully.

Dani’s not just a pretty face, she’s also been involved in acting from an early age working with some of the biggest names in the industry allowing her to travel quite extensively and expand her following.If shes not a house hold name in your town – she sure should be.

We had the chance to interview Dani Mathers for the inside scoop – and she’s delivered yet again.We hope you enjoy.

1.How long have you been in the industry and what’s the job description?

Dani Mathers:  I have been acting since I was an early teen and was blessed to work for Networks/Brands such as Nickelodeon, Honda, CBS etc…The Bold and the Beautiful has been my saving grace as I have been Danica on the Soap for about 10 years J  I only started modeling about 4 years ago when I realized it was something I loved and was something that I was good at even at a whopping 5’2” J  It’s amazing to have a job where you’re in a different breathtaking location everyday with new people and beautiful clothing (or sans clothing) J  I’m the luckiest girl!

2.How did you get started in this industry?

Dani Mathers:  I shot some headshots for my acting career  with Robert Kazandjian when I was 16 and he ended up having some spare time to shoot some not so commercial photos and LOVED them!!  I ended up getting picked up by Playboy 2 years ago and have been blessed the travel to such places as Argentina (twice), Panama, Hawaii etc. with them J  I’ve just been a one woman show and have hustled my tooshy off to get as far as I’ve gotten is all…no pain no gain ladies!  Maxim is hopefully next 😉

3.Where can your fans see more of your work / images?

Dani Mathers:   You can follow me on Instagram (danimathers), Twitter:!/DaniMathers , my FB fan page: , or my YouTube channel: to keep updated with my shows,  hosting jobs, photos, BTS, and many more adventures J

 4.What kind of guys do you normally go for? 

Dani Mathers:  I love tattoos!!!  I don’t need a macho man persay, more to love is fine in my book, but if he can’t make me laugh and prove to me that chivalry isn’t in fact dead then he’s out!  I go for smart, sophisticated, yet edgy guys…with the ability to make me pee my pants laughing J

 5.What’s been the highlight of our career to date? 

Dani Mathers:  Getting the cover of Playboy’s Summer Girls 2012 has been quite the ride for me on the modeling side of things.  Acting wise, I’d have to say my longevity on CBS’s The Bold and The Beautiful has been an honor.  It’s like being with family everytime I film as they have all seen me grow up and evolve as an actor J

6.So what’s next on your event calendar?

Dani Mathers:  Well I just got home from  filming an extreme sports show for PlayboyTV called Badass (Season 3), I am filming another B&B episode tomorrow actually, I’m in the running to be Maxim’s next Hometown Hottie, and am filming a feature horror film this Fall just to name a few so keep up with me on my sites!!

7.Do you have any sponsor and if so who? 

Dani Mathers:  I don’t have a sponsor…I should though haha.  I have so many girlfriends who do or who talk about getting one and to be honest I have no idea how to go about doing so…I would LOVE a sponsor!!

 8.Any last comments to your fans? 

Dani Mathers:  All I can say is the cliché…I literally wouldn’t be doing ANY of this if it weren’t for the constant motivatoin that you all give me everyday.  Just like any job things can get rough around the edges, or you second guess yourself as we are all human, however, you’re inspiring comments, emails, and calls are what minimizes those rough patches for me.   Thank you from the bottom of my exultant heart for the endless support, critiques, and care for what I do!!  I couldn’t do it without you!


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    loving the site and it is amazingly set up, many thanks
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